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Saturday, June 12, 2010

On page SEO Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is considered as the ‘First step of Internet Marketing’. Optimization is either on-page or off-page.

On page optimization include all the things that are done directly to the website to make the search engine crawler crawl the respective website and get a good ranking.
The first step of On-page SEO is the Proper Keyword Research. We must choose a set of relevant Meta Keywords that are likely to be used by the user.

The next step consist of the proper use of:
Meta Title – Meta Title is a short description of the web page. It is the first line of the website that appears in the search engine result page. The title must be around 66 characters in length depending on the browser. The main keywords are logically used here.

Meta Description – Meta Description provides a short description of the content of the web page. The description must be short and meaningful. Each and every page of the site must have unique Meta Description. The main keywords are used in the description.

Header – The header provides a short description of a web page that appears at the top of the web pages.

Footer – The footer is a keyword phrase that explain the website and often contain the copyrights.

H1 Tag – H1 Tag provides the heading of a particular web page that is visible to the user of the website. The most important keyword is used here.

Site Map – A Site Map is a map of the site. It is of two types – a static sitemap and an XML sitemap. The static sitemap provides a chart of the website to human surfer. An XML sitemap is used by the crawler to access all the pages of the site and is invisible to us.

Alt Tag – Search engine crawlers are often unable to read images. We use the Image Alt Tag to provide information to the crawlers. It is a short description optimized with keywords and written in a way to make sense to human reader.

Footer Link – The main keyword for every page is hyper linked with the page URL. This hyper linked text forms the Footer Link for the web pages.

Last but not the least, provide a good and relevant Content for every page of the website. The content is the most important part of the website. The keywords are used in the content but it is restricted to 3-5% of the total content.

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