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Friday, July 27, 2012

You Tube to Play Major Role in Business Promotion

You Tube with a global audience of more than 800 million a month is tending to be a Super Bowl for advertisers around the world. A single sponsored video can change the shape of a business by reaching out to millions of customer online and give the advertiser the required output. The advertiser will have to create a video to demonstrate the offered products or services, share customer testimonials and other USPs.

There are many business organizations who have gained a lot from You Tube promoted videos ads. To help even more business organizations earn more revenues, Google AdWords have introduced new products, tools and resources a couple of month back which is gaining popularity. Similar to search advertisement, Google created a new model for video advertisement where the advertisers pay only for clicks. We can create and manage video campaigns, set a daily budget with bids and target the right audience – all these from the same platform as search and display advertisement.

With the help of Google AdWords video campaign creation tool, we can:

1) Find and target the right audience - We can promote our video by keywords or against content to appear on You Tube search results or in the Google display network containing millions of websites.
2) Calculate the ROI – With AdWords, one can calculate how viewers are getting engaged with a brand. We can even calculate how many viewers watched the entire video or visited the website.
3) Pay per view – With True View feature, one only pays when a viewer choose to watch the video ad. So advertisers are not charged if viewers skip the ad. With the call-to-action overlay, one can directly talk to the viewers about products or services.

To promote video advertisement, Google AdWords is offering a $75 credit to new users of AdWords which can be utilized in running video campaigns for a month. Apart from this, YouTube is providing a toolkit called YouTube Advertiser Playbook to educate advertiser about video ads.