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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Article Marketing and SEO

Article Marketing is a process of writing a good article and displaying the same on a website to increase the traffic of readers towards the article. It is a medium of distributing knowledge related to different subjects in the form of articles on the Internet.

There are many ways of article marketing on the Internet. Many websites provide free services of displaying and distributing articles of their members. Many leading SEO companies take up special assignments for article marketing projects, as this gives them a chance to explore new business opportunities and increase the scope of their present businesses.

When selecting keywords to use in your article submission you want to select keywords that are relevant, searched for, and do not have a lot of competition. There are numerous sites available for free article submission, but there is a caution. If you post the same article on too many article submission sites you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines for duplicate content.

Article submission software in recent years has been emerging as a tool to replace manual submission. Some article submission software is semi-automatic which requires you to click from one article directory to another to post. Others, which are more advanced, require just the click of a button and off it go to different article directories to post.

In my opinion Article Submission is the most "Cost Effective" way to promote your website as has been proven by many Internet marketers.