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Friday, July 27, 2012

You Tube to Play Major Role in Business Promotion

You Tube with a global audience of more than 800 million a month is tending to be a Super Bowl for advertisers around the world. A single sponsored video can change the shape of a business by reaching out to millions of customer online and give the advertiser the required output. The advertiser will have to create a video to demonstrate the offered products or services, share customer testimonials and other USPs.

There are many business organizations who have gained a lot from You Tube promoted videos ads. To help even more business organizations earn more revenues, Google AdWords have introduced new products, tools and resources a couple of month back which is gaining popularity. Similar to search advertisement, Google created a new model for video advertisement where the advertisers pay only for clicks. We can create and manage video campaigns, set a daily budget with bids and target the right audience – all these from the same platform as search and display advertisement.

With the help of Google AdWords video campaign creation tool, we can:

1) Find and target the right audience - We can promote our video by keywords or against content to appear on You Tube search results or in the Google display network containing millions of websites.
2) Calculate the ROI – With AdWords, one can calculate how viewers are getting engaged with a brand. We can even calculate how many viewers watched the entire video or visited the website.
3) Pay per view – With True View feature, one only pays when a viewer choose to watch the video ad. So advertisers are not charged if viewers skip the ad. With the call-to-action overlay, one can directly talk to the viewers about products or services.

To promote video advertisement, Google AdWords is offering a $75 credit to new users of AdWords which can be utilized in running video campaigns for a month. Apart from this, YouTube is providing a toolkit called YouTube Advertiser Playbook to educate advertiser about video ads.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Market Samurai – A Comprehensive Tool for Keyword Research

It is quite true that the Web is a great place to share various things with the world. A website plays an important role to achieve this objective. But to make the website popular and more visible to search engines, we often need to do a number of optimizations. It is also needed to get a perfect domain name for the website. We also need various software for such optimization process and now a brand-new software have hit the market.

Market Samurai is a compact suite of tools aimed at making this process of choosing the appropriate keywords, get the right domain and hence earn good revenue out of this venture. Market Samurai is a vast application divided into eight modules: Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content, and Promotion. It needs a good expertise in handing the software and it would be wrong to compare this software with the other software available in the market. The various modules displays in a tubular format with acronyms like DMZ, RDD and others.

There is an online glossary from where an in-depth knowledge can be gathered about the functionality of this software. The suit itself will make you understand the appropriate application that will likely be useful to you. The software claims that it will point out the weakness of your competitor through its advanced keyword analysis tool and will find the best keywords for your site. Hope this software proves to be a useful one for the people in the domain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is a popular term in the present time. It is a method where a website or more correctly a website owner earns revenue every time a user clicks on a designated link. In this process the advertisers pay the host every time a visitor click on their ad. This technique is quite beneficial from the advertisers point of view, as they are not bound to pay the host if no viewer clicks on the link. So it is the headache of the host to use different hooks n crooks to redirect the viewers to the desired websites following the ad links. The most common example of pay per click is the Google AdSense where a website publisher is credited a certain sum of money every time a viewer clicks on a Google advertisement link. PPC is also termed as the affiliate model because the advertiser pays revenue to its affiliated partner sites. The most popular PPC providers are Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing. But this model faces a number of drawbacks. The most common one is click fraud. Though Google and others PPC providers have implemented different systems to stop this abuse.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Organic SEO

Often we come across the term “Organic SEO”. It is a process by which a website is optimized manually in a natural way. It does not include any paid service to enhance search engine ranking. It is the most widely used methods of Internet marketing. Organic search results present value and quality both as it include the unpaid, algorithm-driven results displayed by different search engine. To many companies, “Organic SEO” is not limited to the results displayed naturally by the search engines but the strategies used to get such rankings. Organic SEO strategies are the best as they are cheap, effective and produce a long-term result as compared to paid strategies.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Optimization

Most of us use Facebook or Twitter to retain our online presence while some use to create a blog of their own and stay in touch with different people around the globe. But to make the blog a glorious presence among the huge number of blogs that are created daily. The different ways that will certainly make the blog an eminent one are explained below:

  1. Write good quality contents and post them frequently.
  2. Submit your blog to different search engines so that the search engine could trace it easily.
  3. If possible make the maximum use of the blogroll.
  4. Allow free and easy commenting by different people.
  5. Do link building for the blog.
  6. Submit all the post of the blog to quality bookmarking sites.

I hope the above techniques will definitely help you out.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Article Marketing and SEO

Article Marketing is a process of writing a good article and displaying the same on a website to increase the traffic of readers towards the article. It is a medium of distributing knowledge related to different subjects in the form of articles on the Internet.

There are many ways of article marketing on the Internet. Many websites provide free services of displaying and distributing articles of their members. Many leading SEO companies take up special assignments for article marketing projects, as this gives them a chance to explore new business opportunities and increase the scope of their present businesses.

When selecting keywords to use in your article submission you want to select keywords that are relevant, searched for, and do not have a lot of competition. There are numerous sites available for free article submission, but there is a caution. If you post the same article on too many article submission sites you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines for duplicate content.

Article submission software in recent years has been emerging as a tool to replace manual submission. Some article submission software is semi-automatic which requires you to click from one article directory to another to post. Others, which are more advanced, require just the click of a button and off it go to different article directories to post.

In my opinion Article Submission is the most "Cost Effective" way to promote your website as has been proven by many Internet marketers.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Importance Of Social BookMarking

Social book marking is a method to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks on the web with the help of Metadata. Actually this is a process of saving bookmarks in different public websites and tagging them with "Keywords" for sharing with others. Social Book marking web sites like, Digg, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a set of web site content bookmarks. These book-marking sites are very popular destinations and thus get a lot of traffic.

The different benefits of social book marking are as follows:

Instant Indexing – Various Search Engines can index the submitted site within hours of submission.
Natural links – If the website is really intriguing, then chances are that others will want to include a link to that site from their own site. So this will ensure huge one-way links that will be obtained naturally.
Social Network Exposure – If the site has been mentioned on various social networks by thousands of users in their profiles, then the search engines will give the site more importance while ranking the same.

All the bookmarks within each site are accessible by clicking one of the tags in the 'tag cloud', which is basically a list of tags. Although it is possible to categorize them in order to make it easier to find bookmarks on a particular topic.

It is often a tedious job to submit a site to a social book-marking site. One has to register in that particular site before submitting his/her own site and hence it takes time. But if you use fully automated software that handles the submission process on autopilot then this becomes a very effective method of promotion for very little time investment. The disadvantage of auto submission is that when a large number of links come in at once, Google discount a portion of them. So you'll gain more benefit when they come in steadily over a number of days.