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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Importance Of Social BookMarking

Social book marking is a method to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks on the web with the help of Metadata. Actually this is a process of saving bookmarks in different public websites and tagging them with "Keywords" for sharing with others. Social Book marking web sites like, Digg, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a set of web site content bookmarks. These book-marking sites are very popular destinations and thus get a lot of traffic.

The different benefits of social book marking are as follows:

Instant Indexing – Various Search Engines can index the submitted site within hours of submission.
Natural links – If the website is really intriguing, then chances are that others will want to include a link to that site from their own site. So this will ensure huge one-way links that will be obtained naturally.
Social Network Exposure – If the site has been mentioned on various social networks by thousands of users in their profiles, then the search engines will give the site more importance while ranking the same.

All the bookmarks within each site are accessible by clicking one of the tags in the 'tag cloud', which is basically a list of tags. Although it is possible to categorize them in order to make it easier to find bookmarks on a particular topic.

It is often a tedious job to submit a site to a social book-marking site. One has to register in that particular site before submitting his/her own site and hence it takes time. But if you use fully automated software that handles the submission process on autopilot then this becomes a very effective method of promotion for very little time investment. The disadvantage of auto submission is that when a large number of links come in at once, Google discount a portion of them. So you'll gain more benefit when they come in steadily over a number of days.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEO And Backlinking

The popularity of a website is based on the links that the site receives. Back-links are the links that enter the website from other sites. Back-linking is very useful for all of us especially for the people who cannot afford more money on advertisement. These links lead to a web page and back to another web page. There are different techniques that are used in the internet market to gain back-links. Some of them are article submissions, directory submission, social bookmarking, press release, blog posting, social networking and above all link exchange. At present, knowing the value and importance of the back-links, people have started buying and selling it which is not a good sign for online business. The content also plays a vital role in drawing the attention of the audience. So, if one can post keyword rich and informative content, then the site is sure to win the race. The content should be related to the business or that is useful for the audience. A Back-linking strategy seems to be easy. For some it also looks like a fun. But, through back-linking, a website owner may learn more and get the opportunity to meet new people.