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Friday, July 27, 2012

You Tube to Play Major Role in Business Promotion

You Tube with a global audience of more than 800 million a month is tending to be a Super Bowl for advertisers around the world. A single sponsored video can change the shape of a business by reaching out to millions of customer online and give the advertiser the required output. The advertiser will have to create a video to demonstrate the offered products or services, share customer testimonials and other USPs.

There are many business organizations who have gained a lot from You Tube promoted videos ads. To help even more business organizations earn more revenues, Google AdWords have introduced new products, tools and resources a couple of month back which is gaining popularity. Similar to search advertisement, Google created a new model for video advertisement where the advertisers pay only for clicks. We can create and manage video campaigns, set a daily budget with bids and target the right audience – all these from the same platform as search and display advertisement.

With the help of Google AdWords video campaign creation tool, we can:

1) Find and target the right audience - We can promote our video by keywords or against content to appear on You Tube search results or in the Google display network containing millions of websites.
2) Calculate the ROI – With AdWords, one can calculate how viewers are getting engaged with a brand. We can even calculate how many viewers watched the entire video or visited the website.
3) Pay per view – With True View feature, one only pays when a viewer choose to watch the video ad. So advertisers are not charged if viewers skip the ad. With the call-to-action overlay, one can directly talk to the viewers about products or services.

To promote video advertisement, Google AdWords is offering a $75 credit to new users of AdWords which can be utilized in running video campaigns for a month. Apart from this, YouTube is providing a toolkit called YouTube Advertiser Playbook to educate advertiser about video ads.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Market Samurai – A Comprehensive Tool for Keyword Research

It is quite true that the Web is a great place to share various things with the world. A website plays an important role to achieve this objective. But to make the website popular and more visible to search engines, we often need to do a number of optimizations. It is also needed to get a perfect domain name for the website. We also need various software for such optimization process and now a brand-new software have hit the market.

Market Samurai is a compact suite of tools aimed at making this process of choosing the appropriate keywords, get the right domain and hence earn good revenue out of this venture. Market Samurai is a vast application divided into eight modules: Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content, and Promotion. It needs a good expertise in handing the software and it would be wrong to compare this software with the other software available in the market. The various modules displays in a tubular format with acronyms like DMZ, RDD and others.

There is an online glossary from where an in-depth knowledge can be gathered about the functionality of this software. The suit itself will make you understand the appropriate application that will likely be useful to you. The software claims that it will point out the weakness of your competitor through its advanced keyword analysis tool and will find the best keywords for your site. Hope this software proves to be a useful one for the people in the domain.